• Being in good health and feeling comfortable in the water is essential.
  • It is important to listen carefully to the explanations of the guides and staff during the briefings, where simple rules to keep yourself on board of the raft and in the water will be illustrated and explained.
  • It is essential to collaborate with the entire crew…. Rafting is a team sport!!
  • During the descent it is strongly discouraged to bring mobile phones, bottles of water, food, sunglasses or other objects with you.

    Do you have any questions or concerns? read here (FAQ) or do not hesitate to contact us!

  • The price includes:
  • Avisio Rafting Guida Attrezzatura completa Rafting Complete rental of all the necessary equipment: full wetsuit in 4mm neoprene, neoprene boots, life jacket, helmet, paddle.
  • Avisio Rafting Guida specializzata A guide on each raft certified by the Italian Rafting Federation
  • Avisio Rafting Pulmino Means of transport for the return trip to the base
  • Avisio Rafting servizio Foto Photo shoot of the descent

  • What to bring:
  • Swimsuit to wear under the wetsuit Avisio Rafting Costume da bagno Avisio Rafting Costume da bagno
  • Towel and necessary accessories for the shower at the end of the ride. Avisio Rafting Asciugamano


    Avisio Rafting Cavalese - Ristorante Bar La Moa Lago di Tesero Val di Fiemme Trentino
    Avisio Rafting Tel 347.5323839