Avisio Rafting Lago di Tesero Cavalese Trentino


The descent along the Avisio river in Val di Fiemme Trentino

Rafting is a river descent on an inflatable and self-draining dinghy called a raft.
The crew, with the help of a guide, steers the boat through the rapids, with paddles.
The contribution of the whole crew is fundamental, teamwork wins!
The degrees of difficulty of the navigability of the rivers are ordered according to a scale that goes from I° degree (flat water) to V° degree (extremely difficult).

For safety reasons, all guests will be provided with:
  • Avisio Rafting Muta 4mm full neoprene wetsuit
  • Avisio Rafting Scarpe Neoprene footwear
  • Avisio Rafting Salvagente Life vest
  • Avisio Rafting Casco Helmet
  • Avisio Rafting Pagaia Paddle

  • All you need to do is bring a bathing suit, a towel… Avisio Rafting Costume da bagno Avisio Rafting Costume da bagno and the desire to have fun even in case of rain !!! Avisio Rafting anche in caso di pioggia !!!


    Our proposals are therefore aimed at anyone who knows how to swim, even for children over the age of 7.

    The rafting we offer is ideal for families, groups of friends, summer camps, stag/hen parties…

    Our guides are all certified and trained by the Italian Rafting Federation to handle any situation and are very attentive to needs, safety and the expectations of even the little ones, in all weather conditions.

    Avisio Rafting Lago di Tesero Cavalese Trentino
    Avisio Rafting Lago di Tesero Cavalese Trentino


  • Meeting point at the base/office at the established time, at the small lake of Lago di Tesero. (View maps Avisio Rafting Mappa).

  • Dressing: each person will be provided with equipment for the ride: wetsuit and neoprene shoes, life jacket, helmet and paddle.

  • Briefing: before departure the guides will explain the basic principles of rafting and paddling as well as the main security notions for river riding and the commands that the crew must execute.

  • Changing rooms (with hot showers) and services are at your disposal, as well as a bar and restaurant in the same building.
  • Division of the crews: up to 8 paddlers for each raft plus a guide.

  • The adventure can begin!


    Avisio Rafting e Ristorante Bar La Moa Lago di Tesero Avisio Rafting e Ristorante Bar La Moa Lago di Tesero
    Avisio Rafting Tel 347.5323839