The descent along the Avisio river in Val di Fiemme Trentino

Rafting is a river descent on an inflatable and self-draining raft.
The crew, with the help of a guide, leads the boat between the rapids, with paddles.
The contribution of the whole crew is fundamental, teamwork wins!

For safety, all guests will be provided with:
  • neoprene wetsuit
  • footwear
  • life vest
  • helmet
  • paddle

  • All you need is a bathing suit, a towel… and the desire to have fun !!!


    The levels of difficulty of navigability of the rivers are ordered according to a scale ranking from I° (flat water) to V° (extremely difficult) of WRF (World Rafting Federation).
    In our route on the Avisio, which lasts about 6 km, sections of II° alternate with some very amusing passages of III° (the difficulty may vary according to the flow of the river and the water level).

    Our proposal is therefore aimed at anyone who knows how to swim, over the age of 7.

    Our rafting is ideal for families, groups of friends, GREST, summer camps, stag/hen parties ...


  • Meeting point: at the base/headquarters at the appointed time, at the lake of Lago di Tesero (see map).

  • Dressing: each person will be provided with equipment for the descent, wetsuit and neoprene shoes, life jacket and helmet, changing rooms (with hot showers) and services are at your disposal.

  • Briefing: before departure the guides will explain the basic principles of rafting and paddling as well as the main notions of river safety and the commands that the crew must perform.

  • Division of crews: up to 8 paddlers for each raft plus one guide.

  • Let's go!


    We will spend about 2 hours on the rubber raft along about 6 kilometers of river, immersed in the rich fauna and flora of the Avisio river.

    During the descent there is also a stop at the gorgeous Cavalese waterfall, which can be reached on foot along the 100 meters that separate it from the river bed.

    Here the bravest can experience the thrill of a "shower" and a refreshing jump under the jet of water of the waterfall.

    At the end of the descent the return to the meeting point will be carried out with our vehicles.


    Rafting activities are organized by reservation.
    The ride costs:

  • 30,00 € CHILDREN up to and including 13 years.
  • 45,00 € ADULTS

  • For FiemmE-motion Card holders
    (find out what it is, click here))

    The cost is:
  • 27,00 € CHILDREN up to and including 13 years.
  • 40,00 € ADULTS.

  • The price includes:
  • Complete rental of all equipment
  • A qualified guide for each raft
  • Means of transport for the return journey tothe meeting point
  • Photo shoots of the descent

    What to bring:
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel


  • Good health conditions and comfortable feeling in the water is essential.
  • It is important to carefully listen to the explanations of the guides and staff during the briefings, where the simple rules to be kept on board of the raft and in the water will be illustrated and explained.
  • It is essential to collaborate with the entire crew .... rafting is a team sport!!
  • During the descent it is strongly not recommended to carry mobile phones, bottles of water, food, sunglasses or other not necessary objects.
    Avisio Rafting servizio Foto Compreso
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